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Privacy ~ Security ~ Offshore

Spirit International Services Corporation, a Panama Corporation - Providing offshore services since 1999

State-of-the-Art Data Center


All of our servers are housed in a Data Center in Malaysia. This Data Center is an ultra modern facility which runs state-of-the-art equipment, with transmission speeds of OC-48/STM-16, 2.488 Gbps, on an Optical fiber Internet backbone, which is much faster than what runs in the US and many other areas.   While the Data Center gives full access to completely outsourced hosting solutions, it also ensures full protection and security of the data equipment.

Electrical & Power System

Its systems are designed with the latest dual fed power sources from Power Grid to power sockets to provide the highest power available. Power Grid feeds a fully parallel redundant (N+1), lower input harmonics Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) with dual-fed redundant secondary switchboards and critical load distribution boards. The facility is also supported by a backup diesel generator with full load capability.

Environmental Control

It is maintained at a 22C with 50% Relative Humidity to provide an idyllic working environment for its equipments and N+1 redundancy.


Also equipped with surveillance cameras to monitor every section of the center and controlled by security guards 24x7.

24 Hours System Monitoring and Prevention

The round-the-clock Facility Monitoring System is installed to monitor the power supply, air-conditioning, temperature settings, fire detection, suppression system, water detection system and generators to solve any potential problems before they escalate. Nothing is left to chance.

Fire and Water Detection System

All equipment is safeguarded by a fire detection and suppression system called Fire Master 200. The system uses an environmentally friendly gas to extinguish the flames within a minute of it being detected. The line sensor water detection system covers the walls and drainage area routes of the Precision Air-Conditioners System to give early warning in the event of a defection.

Network Security Protection

The following measures have been taken to ensure adequate level of protection on the network where customer's servers are hosted.

Ingress and Egress Filtering

The network only accepts traffic with source addresses other than its own network block which aims at limiting the effectiveness and scope of Denial of Service Attacks. It will prohibit an attacker within the originating network from launching an attack of this nature using forged source addresses that do not conform to ingress filtering rules.

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